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Diameter measuring range
• Torsion Spring: Ø 0.1 ~ 1.2mm
• Compression Spring: Ø 0.08 ~ 2.6mm
• Extension Spring: Ø 0.08 - 1.2mm
• Multi-task Spring: Ø 0.1 ~ 2.5mm
• Various complicated shapes with different curves and angles.
• Various materials: Carbon steel wire, Piano wire, Stainless wire, Pre-plated wire., etc.



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                           Spring CNC machines


Spring CAM machines

  Machine Capability

Japanese Taiwan and China models. Fully automatic precision machines. Automatically detect and reject defects during operation, 100% quality check. Just one-time form without secondary manual process to ensure completely same quality standard. For instance: CNC model 502S, etc.

  Compression Spring


  Extension Spring
  Torsion Spring
  Multi-task and other Spring
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