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  Product Capability

Measuring range
•Various and complicated Shapes
•Various materials: stainless steels, copper, Aluminium, alloy, tin paladium, copper, nickel, etc.


•From mold design/manufacturing/production, consistent operation; products from small parts of automobiles, to internal components of business machines, home electrical hardware, electronic spring, etc.

  Machine Capability

Metal stamping machines: 21 machines from 35T to 300T with sequence and single punch. We are able to produce stamping parts and components for precision industries including electronics, ...
Extensive secondary: secondary press work, deburring, heat treatment, ultra sound cleaning, plating, rivet and tapping.

•Mould making Machines:
CNC Machine:1
Wire cutting :2
CNC wire cutting:1
Small Punching EDM :1
Sawing Machine(Horizontal) :1
Sawing Machine(Vertical) :1
Arm drilling machine: 1
Drilling machine: 4
Milling machine: 2
Forming grinding machine: 6
Surface grinder: 2
Sandblasting: 1

• Technician:8 persons
Capacity:3 - 5 sets /month


CNC Wire Cut Machine




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