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  Environment Management System
Strict control of hazadous chemicals.
In following international environment treaties (RoHS, ELV, EuP, etc.) and severe demands of clients, Longtech has set up an intenal management system to monitor and control. Strictly the content, volume and concentration of chemicals and hazardous substances from input to output.
Moreover, we also create favorable conditions for our clients to monitor and inspect thois substances. This external control mechanism is done by clients with strict standards in the fields of home applicance, electronics and high tech, etc.
  ISO 14001 Certificate
ISO 14001 environment management certificate has been obtained since May, 2007. With the aim of reducing burdens to the environment, we have tried our best to use economically our input and resource. We set high target for production: reducing defects to less than 9ppm, improving the quality and precision of the products, recycle all wastes and replace non-recycle materials with recycle ones.
We have established environmental management commitee at our factory and set targets for energy saving, paper consumption and trash reduction with the involvement of every division.
We use environment harmless technology. We supply "Green Products" to our clients.



Waste Water Process

We have double waste water plants which can process high quality waste water. The water quality can meet the standard of Vietnam government even surpass their standard


Old Waste Water Plant



New Waste Water Plant






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